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Movement Personal Training Oklahoma City

If you live in the Oklahoma City metro and are looking for the best Personal Training service without wasting your time, money, or energy then come learn and train with me. My name is Eric Skinner a.k.a. “the Fitness Mechanic” and I’ve been helping people just like you get stronger, move better, and get healthy for over 7 years. Whether you’re looking for fat loss, athletic training to make it to the next level or just want to look and feel better, I’m here to help you get the life you want. I’m 1 of only 3 Personal Trainers certified to teach these systems in Oklahoma City and space is limited so contact me today to schedule an initial consultation!

I want you to live (play, run, jump, dance, push, throw, smile, move, climb, laugh) without fear of limitation, without fear of injury or inability. I want you to have functional strength that translates into a good life. What’s a “good” life? It’s a life where you’re able and capable of enjoying your experiences. It’s a life where you don’t get sore, hurt, or ache after doing chores, playing sports, or any other activities. It’s a life where you look and feel great most of the time and rarely get sick. It’s a life where you become who you are meant to be. 

We were all created to be strong and resilient, at any age. There is no freedom like the freedom movement gives you. It amplifies all other types of freedom. We weren’t meant to be frail. We’re meant to be strong. Think about it. No one wants to age and get weak. No one wants to settle for the notion that the best years of their life are behind them. What you want is to live. You want to have strength until you leave. You want to walk around knowing that you are an able, capable, effective, valuable, contributor to the world, especially the immediate world (family, friends) around you.

Lifelong Strong Personal Training – Oklahoma City

Best Personal Trainer Oklahoma City Eric Skinner

Regardless of your age, body type, or gender, you can benefit from Personal Training with me. I work with a wide range of people from those who’ve just been released out of physical therapy, to professional, amateur and even weekend warrior athletes (variety of sports), to helping everyday people with common problems such as neck, back, and knee pain. How can this be? Because what I do is based upon your fundamental movement patterns (human specific), not sport specific.

The truth is that you should be physically capable of almost anything. You knew that as a child, you had no limitations and that wasn’t supposed to change when you became an adult. It’s possible to have a body without limits. I provide straight-forward solutions to your specific needs along with simple, effective strategies that are specifically designed for you so that you can reach your potential. I teach PRIVATE 1-on-1 Personal Training at Oklahoma City Personal Training and large group instruction at Green Strength. So if you’re ready to have the body on the outside that lines up with the superhero on the inside, then contact me today.